Remove columns after using merge Datatable actvity

Hi everyone,

I need help to delete the columns after using merge data table.

Data Table-1


Data Table -2


Now I am using the merge Datatable activity with left join
and getting output as:



Desired Output is


Please Suggest me something to do this.

Thanks in Advance.

Remove columns can be used in the resulting Datatable.

updated topic.
Please recheck

Its Join Data table or Merge Data table?

Book1.xlsx (11.4 KB) Test.xaml (8.4 KB)

Please check with the Test file

Thanks a lot it worked.
Can you help me in doing one more step further.
for the records matched in inner join of the to data table,
I wanted to add a column named “STATUS”
if the row is in inner join the status columns is updated as valid
and for the rest of the rows it writes in valid

This can be tried using Linq.