Remove argument's or variable's default value

The remove unused arguments and variables have been stable now for a few releases.
What I observed is when we have many arguments in a workflow (during development) and get ready to remove them before production or invoke workflow in another workflow, we have to empty each of the default values manually.

Say there are 7 arguments and 2 of them initialize some List or Dictionary and we dont want to remove the default, the rest 5 require developers to manually remove the default values. Unnecessary and repetitive work.

Feature request
A remove default values option for arguments and variables. The developer selects single/multiple variables or arguments and right clicks to select the remove default values option.

This can be implemented in both Variables/arguments panel or in the Data Manager panel.

Some variables and arguments may actually be initializing for example a New List or New Dictionary. So a single button to remove all default values may not be helpful. The developer has to actively choose which variables/arguments to reset.

Thank you for your consideration and efforts.

Thanks for the feedback. I sent this request to our tracking tool and consider it for future improvements to variables management.

Hi @alexandru,

Is this feature in the priority list list for upcoming versions? Unfortunately, 23.10.1 version does not support this.

Bumping this thread as we are currently expierencing many Test Cases which are Data Driven with more than 10 columns (10 arguments) which leads to lot of clicks within the arguments panel in Studio. Specially when we have internal policies that default values need to be removed before UAT/Production.

This is also relevant for RPA projects when moving from development to UAT/Production.

PS: I understand that Test Case default values cannot be removed (the first row from the data is saved as default value), here we am more interested in feature which allows the removal of default values from the invoked workflows in the test case. We like to seperate the logic to be run and the test case xaml file.

Thank you for your efforts.