Remove argument's or variable's default value

The remove unused arguments and variables have been stable now for a few releases.
What I observed is when we have many arguments in a workflow (during development) and get ready to remove them before production or invoke workflow in another workflow, we have to empty each of the default values manually.

Say there are 7 arguments and 2 of them initialize some List or Dictionary and we dont want to remove the default, the rest 5 require developers to manually remove the default values. Unnecessary and repetitive work.

Feature request
A remove default values option for arguments and variables. The developer selects single/multiple variables or arguments and right clicks to select the remove default values option.

This can be implemented in both Variables/arguments panel or in the Data Manager panel.

Some variables and arguments may actually be initializing for example a New List or New Dictionary. So a single button to remove all default values may not be helpful. The developer has to actively choose which variables/arguments to reset.

Thank you for your consideration and efforts.

Thanks for the feedback. I sent this request to our tracking tool and consider it for future improvements to variables management.