How to remove the existing default value



i’m trying to automate a job posting activity. While posting a new job, at job function step by default the filed has 3 values(as shown in the image). I can remove one value and input my requirement but the rest two i’m unable to remove from the job function filed. The field can select up to 3 values but its not mandatory to take 3. I tried it using Type into activity but unable to erase all the three values.
This is my first post and i’m very new to uipath & need your help.

Your response is much appreciated. Thank you. cheers

did you try using send keys, ( Backspace) to clear the options.

@phyogananda thanks for the reply Yoganand, i tried backspace but it didn’t work.

how did you try this, you said type into activity works for this. did you send keys to clear the data

type into activity is working to clear only one value. tried sending keys but it didn’t work
I tried the below ways too
Click+ hotkeys

Double click +hotkeys

Type into & click before typing

Type into & empty filed

Hot keys using delete

Type into with delete hot key and passing a variable

3 clicks for 3 default fields

is it naukri or some other page…?

its LinkedIn

let me try, can u tell me how to get this option in linkedin

@phyogananda yup, please try and do let me know if you can successfully do it.

@sridhar1516 Try this

Close.xaml (12.8 KB)

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@indra sure. will let you know the result. thank you