RegularExpressions can not work when my keywords contain four Chinese characters at UiPath Studio

Keywords: Four Chinese characters and [ Inquirer account number ]
when I use below RegularExpressions, it cannot work at UiPath(mean it can not get the data that I wanted), however, I test it work in “”, could you anyone can help to me solve this issue, thanks.

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(strCsv,“(?<=^|\n).*\[ Inquirer account number \][\s\S]*?(?=\r?\n,+\r?\n|$)”)


Can you share specific sample? In general, we can handle chinese characters as well as other characters in regex.


When I make sample csv file, it works, I think maybe the reason is that when I save it as sample, the format change.
So, I’d like to provide the actual file for you test, can I send UiPath station mail to you?


What is UiPath station mail?
How about using Private Message of this forum, if you don’t want share it to everyone?


yes, I mean what you said, thanks.

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Due to the actual file is Confidential, so I can not put the method with the file in here.
I found sometime the actual file is certain differences from sample file.
Thanks for Yoichi careful and selfless assistance.

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