Regular expression Match error

Hi, I get the match in the online regex tester. I have mentioned int the link here → regex101: build, test, and debug regex

but in UiPath , the configure regular expressions activity it is not passing
Can you please help me with it?

@Bharath_CS Can you keep a message box or log messge to check the input what you used in Regex is the same input that is being passed to Match or isMatch activity ,
As a small deviation like space can also make the regex to fail


Yes i have kept a message box to check the input. I have now attached the screenshot.

can you pls help it.

Can you send the .xaml or the input file? (17.5 KB)
i have attached the test file in zip

I checked your input and regex , both are not matching , that why it is failing, i am fixing it

Use this regex: [1]) Total remittance by Employer ( Rs.) - (\d.*)

And for Match activity , In Properties , for Regexoption , select ignore case and multiline


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This regular expression not working
pls tell me other expression.

Hi ,

The regex expression you wrote, i think that is of PCRE engine which takes \K as capture group , but the same is not a supportive format for UiPath regex. Try to replace \K and then check

I replace the \K but it is not working. pls help me in regular expression

try this!

Yes it is working

Thank you

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