RegularExpression not working


This regex is not working.

I have tried every Variable type but none is perfect :frowning:

help me please. thanks in advance


it seems like there is a , or . between integers
in that case instead of INT32 variable convert that to double variable
like this

or if its not

Cheers @Latif

Hi @Latif

May I know what was the input you giving and try to convert?


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Should be

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I just wanted to take out this “I alt” text out and rest i want in variable even the amount is in minus or plus.

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then the expression would be like this
str_output = Split(str_input,“:”).Last.ToString.Trim

where str_output is a variable of type string

Cheers @Latif


I alt: -258,39
I just want to remove “I alt: "
I want value either its in plus or minus
this Upd_ConvIntRateValue variable have assign value Convert.ToInt32(system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(Upd_InterestRateValue.ToString,”\d.+\W.+\d").ToString)

so i need to create a new assign activity?


we can use with split method
if we want to go for regex then the expression would work
str_Upd_ConvIntRateValue = system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(Upd_InterestRateValue.ToString,“\W(\d)+\W+(\d)+”).ToString

where str_Upd_ConvIntRateValue is a variable of type string
as int32 variable cant take value with minus in it
so we can store them in a string variable and later if we want we can remove that minus with .Replact(“-”,“”)

Cheers @Latif

I didt get it please help

this split method will split the string based on : as delimiter
where we want the last part of string right…thats what it gives us
no worries
can i have a sample of input strings

Its working with splid method and much easy to understand…
Now I want this value out of this sequence(.xaml) file and put to another file.
I tried with argument means putted this split value into argument variable but its not working and not showing result.

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Is that argument is set with OUT direction
Once after creating a argument in this workflow with out direction assign this value as input to this argument using a ASSIGN ACTIVITY In this workflow

So when we invoke this workflow using INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE Activity inside the workflow B we can click on Import arguments option and that would import the arguments alone
To get that argument value ,Now create a variable named str_input in workflow B and mention that in the value part
To mention that click on Arguments property in the property panel of Invoke workflow file activity

Now this variable str_input will have that value we want


I did it exact the same as you told before writing it… but its not importing the value.


You can see the output result and programing.

Let me know the error…


Can someone help me …
Why it shows an empty row when I try to import the Split value into another flow?

Kindly reply… on my issue

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I can see like the value got printed inside the invokes workflow along with the string
Output splitter value is : -260,76

But it’s getting failed only when it is obtained from that workflow with OUT argument in invoke workflow file activity

It looks good with the argument assignment kindly check whether the writeline activity with statement has the variable (which we assigned as a value to out argument)

Cheers @Latif

I did checked many time and then have changed variable type in both sequence from string to Generic Value as can have - value too…
but when i import the argument and assigning value to the variable in other flow its not working.


check its not showing any thing :frowning:

please help palaniyappan …

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can someone help on this issue?


Could you share your code? By your images I couldn’t see the problem

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