RegularExpression not working

Here you go.
ScrapInterestDebtValue (2).zip (5.5 KB)


Now it has stoped going to other flow and starting same flow again :frowning:

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You have an invoke of SaveOnly… at the end of ScrapInterest…
I just deleted it and it worked.

I need this invoke bec i want to move to this process when i have done scraping debt value… but problem is its not showing value from argument out.

Maybe I am wrong, but this is what your process has:

  • Process A (SaveOnlyInterestDepreciation(Afskrivning)
  • Process B (ScrapInterestDebtValue)
  • Process A invokes Process B
  • Process B invokes Process A. In my opinion, it is the reason of this

You don’t need this invoke to move back to Process A, this is done automatically when Process B has finished.

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its working now… Thanks cmolina

Can you explain me one thing…

I have divided big flows in small flows so that its easy to understand

Through for each row im getting ID out from Table… then im opening user information through this ID…
I have an IF statement where i divide activities in Then / Else area…
Question is that do i need to invoke flow from those else/then means is it necessary ?

Reason Im asking Because if i do not do that my loop is not going further to next flow … its returning to the lf loop again.

kindly help where the issue is…