Regular expression query

Hi All,

Can anyone say what is the approach start learning the regex in UiPath.
How much time it takes generally to become proficient??

Thanks in advance


Its not only about UiPath…try to understand what are the expressions

This would help…you have right side the explanation of what you write as wel


Hi @naveen.s

Check this thread and follow the tutorial

Understand the Basics of Regex:

  • Characters: Learn how to match literal characters.
  • Metacharacters: Get familiar with special characters like . (dot), ^ (caret), $ (dollar sign), and \ (backslash).
  • Quantifiers: Understand how to specify quantities with *, +, ?, and {}.
  • Character Classes: Learn how to define sets of characters with [ ] and predefined classes like \d (digits), \w (word characters), and \s (whitespace).
  • Anchors: Understand ^ (start of a line) and $ (end of a line).
  • Groups and Ranges: Use parentheses () for grouping and | for alternation (OR logic).
  • Lookarounds: Learn about lookahead (?=...) and lookbehind (?<=...) assertions.
    Learning Tools
    Regex Tutorial
    Regular Expression (Regex) Tutorial
    These are the threads and youtube videos links.This give a brief intro about regex

hie @naveen.s understand the basic of Regular Expression. practice it. understand it.
for practice and learning purpose you can go and check


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