Registrar office want to send personalized email with related attachment in form of notice/circular to many students whose name, email, semester, section etc is mentioned in excel file. After sending email via bot the excel file will be updated with statu

This is my problem statement i am stuck at updating Excle Sheet with weather mail is delivered or not.
Please Solve my Problem
It will be a Great Help
Tomorrow i have to Submit it

Not sure if you got the solution for this or not. However, I can think of 2 ways as mentioned below.

  1. To trace messages with or without PowerShell.

    Without PowerShell
    With PowerShell

  2. If you do not have the authorization to perform the above, you can always, enable Request a Delivery Receipt, redirect delivery receipts to a specific folder using Outlook rules, and then read mails from that specific mailbox to check the delivery status.

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@Mr_Suryanshu , By Checking whether Email is Delivered or Not? Do you mean sometimes the Emails are not being sent ?

The Normal approach would be to just Check whether an Error occurred during the Send Mail Activity that you are using. If there is an Error, it would mean the mail has not been sent.

If you are already using a Framework such as RE-Framework, the Error being thrown is already handled and the Updation of Status can be done in the Set Transaction Status.

Do let us know in details what exactly the problem you are facing.