Regex text


please help me to get 80 is output from the below text

[oracle@a9tvdb101]:/home/oracle:>> cle | awk ‘{print $2}’ <

Output should be 80



You can try this regular expression: (?<=\ <)(.*)(?=\ .)
//remove spaces


i tried but getting


Not sure if it’ll help but maybe delete the lines in the string before you search for the text?

VARIABLE.Replace(Environment.NewLine," ")


@rajsekhar attached file is working please check it

Main.xaml (7.7 KB)


Replace new line with space and try again


thanks for your help indra.

some times digits may be more or less also , it is not constant like 80


hi palindrome, i tried replacing lines and spaces also , giving null value


Can you share two or three example of the formats


[oracle@a9tvdb101]:/home/oracle:>> df -g | grep /u01/oradata | awk ‘{print $2}’ <

[oracle@a9tvdb101]:/home/oracle:>> df -g | grep /u01/oradata | awk ‘{print $2}’

please find the above formates for your reference


Can you clarify this string {print $2}’ < will be common in all the strings?


yes, it is same for all strings