RegEx string after the specific word


I have two examples of string:

  1. {“status”: “done”, “tenant”: “xyz”, “Comment”: w - 33 ww, “number”: “7233”}
  2. {“status”: “done”, “tenant”: “xyz”, “Comment”: “w - 33 ww”, “number”: “7233”}

What RegEx to use so that it always pulls out my value after the word “Comment”:
in this case it is: w - 33 ww.

it looks also as it is JSON Data, would the Comment value be surrounded by "




These looks like jsons…you can download webapi package and then use deserializejson adna cess them easily and directly

Json(“Comment”) will give the value…json being in the output of desirialize json

If youstill want to do with regex…then



For the JSON Data case:

  • output: myJObject


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