Regex problem - Match text between  ETX and SOH char


I have text which i want to split by SOH (start of header) character and ETX ( end of text ) character. This is how it looks in text file i receive. One text between two rectangles. First one is SOH - and the one with “-” before is ETX. So simply i want extract TEXT 1 and TEXT 2 between these special characters, however i can`t use it in Uipath regex by just copying symbol. Could you please advise if there is any solution to make it works?

So i would simply use something like ^SOH.*ETX$ but not sure how to do this in Uipath

give atry on following

kindly note:

so we can extend the optional list to . with e.g. (.|\r|\n)
and make it ungreedy with *?

full explanation:

In case of it is not working just share with us a text file along some sample data. Thanks


Thank you Peter, that`s works just as i needed to!

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