Regex problem in matches activity

\jkdsdd.sjss\shkdakj\ssis\model\Dfj\SDFL\DFGF\PR_ARMON\ This is the sample data and
\[a-z].[a-z]\[a-z]\[a-z]\[a-z]\[A-Z]\[A-Z]\[A-Z]\[A-Z]_[A-Z]*\ this is the regex expression i have used but i’m unable to get the output

Matches: parsing “\[a-z].[a-z]\[a-z]\[a-z]\[a-z]\[A-Z]\[A-Z]\[A-Z]\[A-Z]_[A-Z]*\” - Unrecognized escape sequence _.
i’m getting this error in the matches activity

can anyone help me.

Hi @Guduru_Ruteesh_Raju

Can you share your expected output



This is expected output

Try below one



Hi @Sudharsan_AIT

I am able to get the output in regex101 website but in matches activity it’s not working

Thanks & Regards,
G Ruteesh

Yeah it’s working thank you @arivu96

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