Problem with the "Matches" activity

Hi, I have a problem with the matches activity, I use a regex to get a shipping label number but sometimes it doesn’t work. I looked up the problem but couldn’t find any with the regex or the text generated by the OCR.

Long story short, I have a good regex, good text file, when I test it in the matches activity manually it recognises the good number but the activity outputs nothing when you run the robot.

Any idea what may be the problem?

Hi @Francois_Pare-Lavoie, this is your first post! welcome to the best community :slight_smile:
Regarding the activity, since you say the RegEx and the text are correct, maybe you’re just missing to assign the output variable into the activity? Let me know

I forgot to mention it but no, i have an output. the robot runs great half the time.
and here’s the regex:


nothing unusual here


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Well then try using IS MATCH activity and get the Boolean variable as output
Based on that let’s check whether the Regex expression used is fine or not

Use a if activity like
boolvariable = True

If true then it goes to then block where keep your matches activity

Cheers @Francois_Pare-Lavoie

I tried it, but I have the same problem in the is match activity.
when I debug and go over the activity I see the input is good, the expression is too, but the result remains false.
when I test it it detects the good number (the regex changed because its another company):

but when it runs it doesn’t work

Did you check the Multiline option?


I never had to with all the other cases I have but I tried it and no difference