RegEx pattern extraction from Email input

Current ID or Product and Delivery Address : 26904527 Facebook Service Twitter- Voice + Internet,
34567899 Twitter Package - Old Rates,
123-456-7890 Twitter Business Fine,
90876543 Twitter Internet Access,
12345678 Twitter Managed ABC,
TGN 3456, BTN 123-890-1234 Twitter Trunk Group - Physical,
12/XYZD/12345/ABCD Twitter Port
Delivery Address : 123 W OLD WILSON BRIDGE RD, ATLANTA, GA 43085, USA

Question:- I have above input from Email and want to use reqex to find out one value as search input.
For example only "26904527 " this should be extracted from entire email.

My regex----
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(strEmailBody,"(?<=Current ID or Product and Delivery Address :).*(?=Delivery Address)").Value.Trim

This syntax is not working since both words “Delivery Address is same” - Please try the below to extract only #s after your text…

Pattern : (?<=Current ID or Product and Delivery Address : )\d+

If you want to get full text between 'Current ID or Product and Delivery Address : ’ and ‘Delivery Address’, then you would better use to string split method.
good luck!