Regex not woring

Hi There,

I have this string:


I need to apply the following regex:


But when I try to text using the following variable


I obtain a null value in output.

Can anyone help me please ?

Thanks a lot.

@duiliopaolini - what exactly you are trying to extract from your string?

Are you trying to print 553,98??


@duiliopaolini - Here you go.

Yourvariable(0).Groups(2).tostring - This is the code you have to use to print 553,98.




Please mark this as solution, if it solves your query.

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Hey, your regex is actually working!
I highly encourage you to use Matches activity with RegEx in UiPath, not .Net methods
See details in the attachment

Btw, \s\s* can be shortened to \s+

regex.xaml (5.3 KB)

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Hey @duiliopaolini

Check out my Regex Megapost if you want to refresh your Regex skills more.

Regex help tutorial MEGAPOST – Making your first Regex post, Reusable Regex Patterns, Regex Troubleshooting, Sample Workflow and more

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@Yurii_Horobets - I don’t see see any .net methods used here…

If you see my screen shot, i have renamed my matches activity to “Extract Multiple Words”

Yes, exactly.

My post was related to the initial question. I just assumed, that author had might use them (in the Assign activity). I certainly may be wrong with that assumption :grinning:

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