Regex Not Declared Even Though it's in my Imported Namespaces

Hi, I’m stuck and haven’t had any luck resolving this issue. Regex is giving me an error saying it is not declared even though I have added it to my Imported Namespaces, which has worked in every single other workflow in the project.

Has anyone else seen this? How do I resolve this?

Using the Community Edition 2019.7.0

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Try using matches activity instead @WitzgaWJ

I’m trying to split a comma separated list in my config file into an array variable, the matches activity won’t help with that.

Did you just import the namespace in immediately before typing it into the assign? Have you restarted the machine and/or studio since then?

A foolproof way is to just type the entire thing out. So instead of Regex.Split you can simply type in System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split

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Hello! I have the same issue. I have imported the namespace System.Tex.RegularExpressions and restarted Studio and PC and still getting the validation error ‘Regex’ is not declared.
I believe this is a thing with Importing namespaces when extracting as Workflow. However I cannot resolve it.
Has anyone had the same and resolved?
Will UiPath pay attention or do I need to raise a ticket?