Publish error: Regex.Match non declared

Hi, i’ve an issue with workflow: when i try to publish my workflow this error pop up

how can i solve? I’ve already import regex but nothing to do.

Thank you

Distinta automatica - (45.3 KB)

Hi, did you try with full expression?:


In imports add:


Yes. Same error

Uninstall this package:

System.Text.RegularExpressions is built-in to UiPath.

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Uninstalled. Error persist :frowning:

Ok, aftert uninstall remove entry System.Text.RegularExpressions from Imports and possibly add again.

Probably the names are still arguing with each other.

done. Error persist. How is it possible?

Now add again Regex expression to Assign (or build new Assign).
It is possible that Assign references the package you deleted.

i can’t find no one assign with regex! This is the issue

Fact. I was checking your project and I haven’t actually seen Regex there.

In the new Studio, I encountered such a case that after entering the new value into Assign, I saw the change, but Studio did not change it, in the sense that when I clicked again on the value next to Assign, the old value suddenly appeared. Maybe that’s the case for you.

You will probably have to rebuild your flow.

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Ok. I try to rebuild all.

Thank you

Please screenshot exactly where you have used Regex.match

I haven’t!

I went through every assign in your project and after verification I have no Regex error.

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Can you please upload me the file? I try to run your recheck version

Sure :slight_smile: ,
Catch: Distinta automatica - Copia.7z (39,1 KB)

It Work!

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WOW! :rofl:
It’s crazy :crazy_face:

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