Regex Is Match Activity Not Working

I have been trying to use the Is Match activity to match a URL. It is finding the match on a regex tester website but it will not find the same exact match on the website that I am searching.

I do not want to post the entire URL because it contains some sensitive company information, but essentially I am trying to find this URL: Repository/Supplier/Purchase Order/123456/123456 Supplier Signed PO.pdf

Using this regex:*/123456/(123456 Supplier Signed PO.pdf)

The .* is used to match any characters in between the two backslashes. The parentheses is to group the final portion together. Like I said, this is working in a regex tester but not using the UiPath Is Match activity.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks


Is this dynamic url?


Please show how you are using in IsMatch


What do you mean by dynamic exactly?

There isn’t much to show. I am using the Regex I stated as the Pattern and the URL as the input. I have turned on IgnoreCase and Compiled. I have also separately tried turning on MultiLine and IgnorePatternWhitespace but nothing has worked

This is input : Repository/Supplier/Purchase Order/123456/123456 Supplier Signed PO.pdf

Output will be

matches for below text:

Supplier Repository/Supplier/Purchase Order

can you confirm?


I asked it because I used same and result is as expected

Also worth checking the url if it contains any encodings maybe instead of space you might be getting %20 etc…This might be a reason the pattern is failing


I don’t think so. But I am not sure exactly what you are asking, I’m sorry

The spaces are appearing as %20. How can I account for this? Shouldn’t IgnorePatternWhitespace handle that?


URL encoding does not come under that

You can decode the url and compare



This fixed the issue. Thank you!

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