Regex failure

Hi all

I was looking for help before I drive myself insane.

I’m working with SAP to see if any Document Numbers begin with 6000, and if so, copy them all. This is my flow:

As you can see, the Is Match is looking for the pattern ^60000\d+. This doesn’t pick anything up, even when the data is on the screen.

When I change the pattern to 60000\d+ it picks up, however it also picks up numbers such as 56000045 and that’s not what I need.

Can anyone advise where I’m going wrong please?


Hello @Short I would like to help you , can you Share the original name of one docuemnt or the origial text that you are proccesing , just to create the correct Regex

Hi @Short

Try this (6000).+
This matches the string (6000) literally followed by any number of characters.

Also, for further help with regexes, this website is very good at explaining your regex.

You can also use String.StartsWith() method to solve your current problem, you may not need regex at all.
Here is the documentation with examples:


Can you try the following pattern?



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