Regex Extractor not extracting proper values

Hi Team,

I have defined Taxonomy and Classification for the document that I need processing.
It works as expected.
Now I have also defined Regex based extractor based on the classification results.
The only issue is that the extractor is not getting proper values.
But when I get the text from the Digitalized document and use the same Regex it extract the values properly.

Does Regex extractor look at the extracted text or something else?
Bellow is the extraction results that the UiPath is generating and in the image after is the same Regex expression that is working on the extracted text.


As I Remember Regex Extractor get value form first match group, not from entire regex match.
Try this regex:

Znesek plaaila:\s*([\d,]+)

I put the amount that you want to extract into first group (using brackets)
Let us know if its working

Great info, I will try this right away

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