Regex Based Extractor not extracting while executing

when I tried to extract invoice from pdf using “Regex Based Extractor”. Its not extracting while executing.

Above image is the output which displayed in action center. as we can see no data is extracted.

but I gave correct expression and Its matching in regex builder.

Above image is the Input I gave for regex based extractor.

I have selected regex based extractor in configure extractor.

can you please crosscheck your origin post and maybe using the </> format button from editior when placing code snippets.

It would be helpful if you share some more samples input, pattern, output with us. Thanks

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hi @ppr Thanks for response. My pattern is working properly. But its not extracting while executing. I am using Document understanding Activities. As you can see in my Second screenshot. Its matching the text for given expression.

Can you share more information? eg. your extraction scope and how you have defined the regex extractor.

Its “Regex Based Extractor” which comes under document understanding.(IntelligentOCR package)

2nd image shows (regex expression is valid)
3rd image is the input. (that is how it as to be given, It doesn’t have any scope)

I checked by giving same regex expression in matches activity. it extracts correctly. But where as in document understanding its not extracting the value.

Since you are extracting rows inside a table you will have to define the table. please follow this regex extractor example, looks similar to your use case.

Its optional to define table.

Please read Scenarios of using the Table mentioned in above doc.

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