Regex doesn't read from new linw


I’m quite new to UiPath Studio and I’m having a problem with regex matching a text that I want from a PDF File and assing it to a variable that I then write into a notepad file with an output “Buyers address is Address 1, 12345”.

The PDF text is:
to a Buyer known as Gladstone Gander with a mailing address of Rua Orion 141,
87658, Brazil for the purchase price of $98000 (US Dollars).

I want to match Rua Orion 141, 87658 but the problem is that the I can’t get it to match and it gives out nothing. I tested with an other PDF file that also has an address, but doesn’t have a line break on the address and it works fine. How can I get the above to one line?

I used “\bAddress 1, 12345\b” format to match the other PDF file’s text but the the line break gives me problems.

@Jami_Perala - You can try this pattern…

This helped a bit, thanks! Now in Studio it matches “Rua Orion 141” but doesn’t include the “, 87658” in the notepad file. I tested with and it matches “Rua Orion 141, 87658”.

@Jami_Perala - it does show both the lines…