RegEx Builder yellow match


Hi ,
all regex testers return 1 match : ,
but RegEx Builder return ZERO

can someone help me with a solution?
Thanks !

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can you show me a screenshot of what you can see on an online builder, to understand the difference.
ah, got it.
why are you saying that we don`t match anything? :slight_smile:

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Salut Gabriel ,
I change the pattern :

Is Match return False

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first screenshot was correct, it matched properly your text - gray and yellow highlight combined (it means that you had a group inside and the highlight separated them)
for the second one, well…i see a match (gray) but its a little different from what you receive from the online tool, right?

also, don`t use expression in Literal, use Advance type

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in all pattern variants the result of IsMatch is the same : False

i tried and with Advance type :

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