Regex Builder (Coloring Code in Matches)


Kinda curious what’s the color coding in the Regex Builder
I saw two colors while trying to build a regex i.e. Yellow and Grey

Can any one please help me to understand the color coding means in the Regex Builder ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Palaniyappan @HareeshMR @balkishan @Lahiru.Fernando


Hmm, do you mean like Hex color code or color that appears while building regex in regex builder
if possible kindly share a screenshot pls

Cheers @Shubham_Varshney

In dark mode, it’s yellow and blue :frowning:

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What a great question Shubham. You had me completely stumped!

I tried a separate RegEx tester and it look like the different colors are due to group matches vs full matches(see attached image).

Try your RegEx expression and test string here to see what I’m referring to :

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I was using UiPath default Regex tool, and it got me confused upto a great level :expressionless:

I was using for my regex builder but I agree is the better one :slight_smile:

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