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Hi Guys,
I need to use 5 input dialogue box and there are option is Yes and No. In 5 dialogue box given input 3 or more than 3 is yes then show the message box “Yes” else print nothing. I am unable to use this function.


Why don’t use form designer with radio buttons Yes/No?
Please have a look at the form designer which contains a lot of controls.

Karthik Byggari

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its hard to get your requierements. May we ask you to eleaborate more in detail on what you need. Feel free to share it as a drawn picture as well- Thanks

Hi thanks for quick response.
Suppose I want to print something when match the minimum condition 3 or more than 3. Like in 6 given input —
input 1 = Yes, input 2= No, input 3= Yes, input 4= yes, input 5=no and input 6=yes
Here is yes input more than 3. So my condition is yes input more than 3 or equal to 3 then print something. If yes input less than 3 then print something.

still your description leaves too much unclear space and can even be misinterpretated

along with the option to use forms another option could be custom input

for both approaches the flow would be the same:

  • collect user input
  • evaluate the selected options
  • fork it to desired action.

As you have mentioned 5 inputs it doesnt make sense to me to display 5 input dialogs, collecting user input with the option functionality:

Options - An array of options to chose from. If set to contain only one element, a textbox appears to write text. If set to contain 2 or 3 elements, they appear as radio buttons to select from. If set to contain more than 3 items, they appear as a combo box to select from. This field supports only String Array variables. (

However if we didnt get your requirements in all so give us more details

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find this demo XAML for playing, incorporating also some dynamics
razu91_QuestionAnswer.xaml (9.6 KB)

It could help you to develop some ideas on the implementation.


Hi @ppr, For getting my requirements, I had changes something in your workflow and done it.
Thanks again @ppr spend time for me.

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