Regarding assignment2 advanced level

Get Attribute is throwing an error which is “startindex cannot be less than zero” or “Value does not fall within the expected range” and also not getting unique ID. Please help

Dwarkesh Rao

Hi @shivam_rao
Can i have a screenshot of your get attribute activity and its properties in your studio buddy
if possible
Cheers @shivam_rao


use Get Text activity instead of Get Attribue activity.

Thanks for your response here is the screenshot. Hope this will give you an idea.

Thanks but it is also throwing the same error.



Could you please tell me where you are using Get Attribute activity. I thought you are using it for to read Client Information.

Capture2 I am using get attribute to get unique confirmation ID in element scope.


For this, I am suggesting you to use IE browser and Uipath people also recommended IE browser. We can use easily identify elements with IE. Its difficult to work it chrome browser.

But my whole workflow is in chrome. Anything else can i do without changing the browser.

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Could you please try with Computer Vision Get Text activity and see.

If you did not install it then check below thread and install it.

Thanks for your responses but it is solved now, there is an issue with the selectors of element scope and get attribute.