Reg - Level 3 Certification

Hi, I have completed my Diploma certification in 2017 and now planning to do Level 3 certification. is it mandatory to complete the first phase (quiz). if not, how to go to project level?

Foundation Level 1 and Diploma is same?

Certification is different path from Academy Training. You have to pass the Quiz to do practical exam.

I recommend you to do Level 2 Orchestrator and Level 3 Advanced training In Academy before you go for Certification Exam.

Hi @csmuvvala

For the certification it is mandatory to complete the quiz and the practical exam. Since you have done the foundation, i think its a good idea to go to academy and do the level 2 orchestrator and level 3 advanced training courses before the certification.

Also please note that academy and the certification are two different platforms. So your progress in academy is not taken for the certification…

Hope it helps…

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Thanks Theepan for the quick info

Thanks Fernando for the quick info

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