The the Prerequisites of Level 3

I want to complete Level 3 course after Level 1. But the Academy prompt “Prerequisites Not Met”. Has anyone encountered the same problem?

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I belive you also need to complete Level 2 before going to level 3.

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Well you need to go in order from level-1, followed with level-2 and the only level-3,
Its not only for the proceedings been followed but i would recommended to go in this order as it would mold you in a right shape…kindly complete the level 2 and then go for level 3 and that is feasible as always
Really appreciate your interest to get to level-3


Hi @Fjolno,

you need to complete level 1 (Fundamental training) to be eligible for level 2( Orchestrator training).
And to be eligible for level 3(advance training) you need to complete both level 1 training and level 2 training both.

Hope it helps


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You are right. Thank you!

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Thank you !

Indeed it is. Thank you !

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