Refresh pivot table with change data sorce

I want to refresh a pivot table according to the data present in the next sheet.
I used refresh pivot table activity but the latest record are not captured means the data source is not getting change.

Please suggest I don’t want to use recording and hotkeys as well

@nsharma - If you do not want to use any recording or hotkeys, then one way to achieve this is to set the pivot table to auto refresh on the opening of the file. Here is a link which shows how to do this.

Hope this helps!

I did the same but still no effect,
Can you please explain hotkeys approach for the same

Hi @nsharma,

Were you able to achieve changing the data source for pivot table in excel?

No, I used excel recording.

I have created a pivot table, I want to keep refreshing it with every run and send email.

How did you solve the refresh Pivot Table with new source?
I have used activities but have had no success.