Refresh Excel Data Connections Query

Can you provide an example,please?
Where does it download the Excel file From Sharepoint if the PC is off?
I don’t understand the process.

I get that you download the file From Sharepoint, modify it and upload back again.
But where do you download it?

Hi @RAZVAN-MARIUS_ANDONE , did you had the chance to check the SharePoint Custom Activities?

You will specify where to download the file.


This package has a good documentation that you can download.


Check the pages 28 and 29 from the documentation.

I did not understand what you mean with your PC off. The bot is on your PC? If yes you can’t turn off you PC, how bot will run if your PC is off?

Now, if what you mean is that your user session is logged off, than OK, bot will be able to login and do the job.

All I have to do is open a Sharepoint file, give some delay while the data connections from the queries inside it are refreshed, save and close.

I need to automate this so a unattended robot must be used, and the cloud process must run even with my PC turned off, closed, however you call it.

It must run while my laptop is unused, while I am on a damn vacation and the laptop is darn home.

The solution you have pointed me to needs a local path where to download the file.

Is this possible while the laptop is turned off? Will it work?

This is my dilemma.

Răzvan Andone

Continuous Improvement Logistic Executive

YES! Unattended bots will automatically login in the bot machine if you configured it correctly on Orchestrator.