Run excel refresh successfully using UiPath

Hi dev, please assist, I want to run a refresh successfully in excel without interacting with the UI of the excel cause most times when I open excel using bot it throws data locked for editing.Please assist as this is now urgent.Regards

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Hi @RPA-botDev

Check this out:


Check this thread if you are looking for a scrip to run to refresh the excel file

Or you can use a activity to perform this

If you are not getting this activity go to activity panel and right click on filter icon in that panel
And enable show studioX

Then search for it and you can see this activity

Cheers @RPA-botDev

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HI Palaniyappan, can’t find the activity in package manager to install on studio, is it only for studio x?

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its a studio x activities but you can get them in studio as

There’s a funnel icon on the Activities tab in UiPath Studio for Developers. Click on it and one of the options is “Show StudioX.”

enter image description here

If you click this “Show StudioX” button, UiPath StudioX activities become available to the full blow Studio product.

Cheers @RPA-botDev

Do I need to upgrade studio as I can’t find show studio x

Yeah pls upgrade