Refresh excel data connection doesn't kick off in PIP mode


I have a process that opens an excel file then uses Refresh Excel Data Connection to refresh all the data sources. Refresh Excel Data Connection works in regular mode. But in PIP mode, the activity got skipped. Is this a defect in PIP? Could this issue be addressed?


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Hey @Lydia_Liu

Are you sure on the behaviour, whether it is getting skipped or click results in nothing.

If that is confirmed and you can please share your uipath version with the packages and it’s version your using.


@Lydia_Liu How do you identify that the activity got skipped. Is it showing some error or some thing

Hi Usha,

Thank you so much for getting back to me.

My power query report usually takes close to one hour to refresh and I could see the process skipped Refresh Excel Data Connection step and went ahead to refresh Pivot Table steps. And the whole process only took a couple minutes to finish. I also checked the underlying data after the process finishes successfully and the data is not updated. This only happens in PIP mode.


Hi Nithinkrishna,

The version I use is StudioX 2021.10.5 Community License. Thanks.