[ReFramework] Why storing Credential asset in Settings instead of Assets?


I am using the Robotic Enterprise Framework “Get Credential” Activity and I want to get the Credential data stored in Orchestrator Assets.

I understood I should store the Asset name in Config.xlsx “Settings” sheet.

Why not storing this in Config.xlsx “Assets” sheet ?


@gilles.b I Think In Term Of Management Complex Business Process/Automation Store USERNAME And PASSWORD In ORCHESTRAOR It Is BEST PRACTICE.

The Get Credential Is Used To Retrieve Only Assets Of Type Credential .

The CONFIG.XLSX Is Like A Common Properties Or Settings File Which Allows
You To List And Use The Common Settings Or Configurations Across The Project.

Hi @truong,
I do use Get Credential to retrieve Credential Assets stored in Orchestrator…
And I have to pass through Config.xlsx to access Orchestrator Assets.
My question is why Settings sheet instead of Assets sheet…