ReFrameWork Templates

Dear UiPath friends,

You can find on GitHub a project template designed to ramp up RPA projects
ReFrameWork :butterfly: Robotic Enterprise Framework

Many business processes in the enterprise world follow this tripartite model:

  • Some Excel files come by email
  • Actions required for each row
  • Updated Excel files sent back

To automate this kind of process with UiPath, we split it in three phases:

  1. Monitor email, download attachments and upload data to Orchestrator queue
  2. Process items in queue with several robots in parallel to keep up with volumes
  3. Assemble data back to Excel files with new info/status and send them back

Phases 1&3 can be executed by a single robot in one Dispatcher project with a recursive schedule.
The main Performer structure handles application interaction and status updates in the 2nd phase.

ReFrameWork templates are available on GitHub in three branches:

Note: the public branch is awaiting its first contributor to decide should it be launched from master or from light

Feel free to use, contribute and share.

Happy automation!
@UiPath :globe_with_meridians: