REFramework: SendExceptionEmail.xaml Missing


I was helping a friend through the Security Hash project in Level 3 and noticed that the REFramework files from Studio version 2019.10.3 do not match the files I had when I did my project.

Specifically the SendExceptionEmail.xaml is missing.

Is this no longer part of the REFramework?

If so, why?

Also, wondering if removing this XAML has anything to do with the Outlook / Exchange activities not working or being buggy. I recently tried to implement an email solution for an error in a project and both the Outlook and Exchange activities did not work.

I get that this post might be two topics… the focus on the second topic is to see if it played a role in the first. Just looking for an answer to the first.


Hi @Kuhlenbeck - Welcome to the community.

Can you please share the workflow.

in version 2018, this workflow was not part of the REFramework. So I would suspect it is part of the newer Studio version or was added manually by the user.

The activity not working has to do with the Dependencies of the project, and not the workflow individually. To troubleshoot issues with Outlook and Exchange, I would suggest checking the version of the dependency in Manage Packages, and verifying your properties are correct.


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I will focus only in the part of you help your friend, the best is let him try to learn, dont copy past your project or he cant really learn… the best is if you only give him tips where he get stuck for long period… the reframework project history can be seen here:

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I appreciate all the replies, but everyone here is missing the point.

The REFramework has a subfolder with prebuilt XAML files that are part of the REFramework.

In the past, those files included SendExceptionEmail.xaml.

I’m simply asking why this is no longer part of the default core framework files that are pre-installed when you click to create a new project from the template. Simple as that. Discovered it as I was helping a friend with a bug.

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well if you know how github works, then you will be able to see when it was removed and why…

This is not helpful. What would be the point of this reply. UiPath built the template into the actual tool on purpose to avoid the complexity of GitHub most likely being part of that.

dont get me wrong, i dont mean to be rude or anything… just that changes to REF were done in history of it, and if that was removed it was because they feel it is not useful to be in a framework that is supposed to be the base for most projects, as maybe not a lot of projects would benefit from having emails sent for every error…

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I appreciate you trying to help out but I still found no references to this in the history found on GitHub. SendExceptionEmail was not required for every error, just a prebuilt XAML file like the rest. I’m simply trying to figure out why they removed it.

So this is an example of humility that I need to own. Apparently when I did the Level 3 Security Hash, I built the Send Exception Email process and simply put it in the wrong folder (should have been in “Common”). Then, when I went back to help someone, my obvious assumption was that it was part of the framework.

It is indeed NOT part of the original framework. It is an activity the Security Hash projects walks you through to build for the project.

Humility accepted and owned. Thank you to all who tried to help and were kind enough not to call me an ID10T. :wink:

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