ReFramework Practise

Create reframework project

Create queue with name : SumQueue

Create input excel file with below data
first | Second | Sum
1 2
2 3
3 5

  1. Open your config file in settings page change “OrchestratorQueueName” to SumQueue
  2. Open Main file in studio,
    Open initialization state
    at the end of first run - add workbook read range activity
    input → data/input/input.xlsx sheet name ->Sheet1
  • output → dt_Transactiondata

Add bulk queue items activity -
Queuename → Config(“OrcehstratorQueueName”).toString - ->“SumQueue”
input → dt_TransactionData.

Execute code and check if items are getting added to orcehstrator queue or not.

if added send screenshot

Open Process workflow

Add assign statement
strSum = Cint(inTransactionItem.SpecificContent(“#firstColumnName#”).toString)+Cint(inTransactionItem.SpecificContent(“#SecondColumnName#”).toString)

log activity → strSum

Build DataTable - dtOutput
Create three columns
num1, Num2 , Sum

Add data row activity
Array row → {inTransactionItem.SpecificContent(“#firstColumnName#”).toString, inTransactionItem.SpecificContent(“#SecondColumnName#”).toString, strSum}
Datatable ->dtOutput

Append Range
datatable - dtOutput
Sheetname - “sheet1”
workbookfilepath → “output.xlsx”

Hi @Vajrang Input screen

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@Vajrang Reading input as data table


execute code and send screenshot of uploaded queue items

close excel and try


Getting this error while excecuting


Done. Here’s the output.

Thank you @Vajrang .

Done with the workflow development. The Output is also added back to the Queue item.

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