Referencing Data Service Entity in Custom List


Is it possible to use a Data Service entity as data source for a custom list? I’ve tried, but I get no data. When I use the exact same source for a table, I can see the data.

I would like to have a list from data service with a checkbox next to each item. Can this be done? Preferably without having to load a process that populates a data table.




I encountered the same problem. Did you manage to find the solution?


Hello @stch & @Irina_Butu ,

Yes, you can do it please select the data source correctly to display it. Please follow the below approach.

  1. Add Entity into App.

2.Drag custom list into App
3. Click on the custom list into Menu Panel Left side

4. Navigate to right side custom list setting panel into General Tab Data source
5. Enter ‘=’ into Data source text box once you enter = then all the entity will be listed.

  1. Drag the entity into Data source
  2. Change the Column as needed.
  3. Run the App and you will see as below.

Please mark this as solution if works for both of you.


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Worked perfectly!

Thank you!

That’s great !!! Please mark this as solution.

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