Display Dictionary<String,List<Entity>> in a custom list - Custom list with additional list in template

Hello everyone!

I rely on your support to find a solution for this tricky scenario. I need to create a custom list, where the template also contains a list inside, but I have problems fetching data.

In Data service I store FoodReceipt records. Each record has a relationship to its receipt nr and info about each food bought (name,quantity, price) as you can see below.

I made a process to extract for each receipt all the food, and the output is of type dictionary <string(receipt nr), List(Of FoodReceipt)> and I further need to show it as a history like below.

How can I be able to manipulate that out_dicionary? I can not fetch the key or the value to assign them in the template of the custom list.


@Irina_Butu ,

I think filter a group query is not possible right now into Apps. I would say please use another approach.

  1. Add Food receipt first list
  2. On click show info of list into details.
  3. You can enable details info list on click event on page.


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