Reference a cell to designate a destination cell/range

I am using the Copy Paste Range card for Excel. My Destination Range changes each week, but I’m not sure how to use this card to do that. I’m hoping there is a way to use the Advanced Editor to have the Destination range reference a cell in my Excel sheet (or elsewhere) to know where the information should be pasted each week.

Ex: I can run a code to determine the last row in a table containing data and enter that cell in my Excel sheet. The first week, no data is in the table, so the cell would say A1. The Copy Paste Destination would look at that and paste info into A1. Next week, the first row without data is E, so the workspace cell says E1. The Copy Paste Destination now references that and pastes into E1.

I’ve put the reference cell in B1 on my excel sheet, and I tried using the VB code MyExcel.Sheet(“YTDTotals”).Range(“B1”).Select to no avail. I get the error ‘Select’ is not a member of UIPath.Excel.RangeValue.

Thanks for any help/ideas that you might have!


From your example what I understand is that what you need to do is just to append data to your sheet each time.
How about using copy paste range into a new sheet ( in the Excel Notebook for example) and then append that data ( with Append range) to the initial destination? Or just append the data from the beginning.

Did I understand correct ? Could this work ?

That sounds like a great solution, but I don’t see Append Range as an action in StudioX. Is there something I’m missing?