Redis cluster requirements in High Availability-High Performance infrastructure

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I want to set up UiPath High Availability-High performance infrastructure using Redis. Please help me on below questions:

Redis Cluster:

  1. Which OS (Windows or Linux) is preferable to host 1 Redis Master and 2 Redis Replicas?
  2. Is it advisable to install 2 Redis Replicas on the windows server where Orchestrator is already installed?
  3. Are there any guidelines available to set up Redis clusters to refer (PDF, Doc, Videos)?

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Please look into this matter and guide me with the steps.
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Our infra team will be more fit to answer to this. Please raise a ticket and provide more details and they will give you the information specific to your environment.

As for the documents, have you checked the user guides?

And please read our Forum best practices before asking a question:

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