Red exclamation mark in workflow

Hi, I am new to UiPath. I am currently working on automating a workflow for sending individual messages to different people on WhatsApp. However, I am encountering an issue with setting the ‘number’ as a variable within the ‘ReadCsvFile’ function. When I try to ‘Set Value (String)’ in the ‘Assign’ function, it shows a red exclamation mark. Is there anything I can do to resolve this problem?

I appreciate your guidance.

Probably number variable is defined in only the following red arrow scope.
Can you try to change scope of number variable to wider in variable panel?


Hi @nien_shan_thai ,
you variable " walink" is String?
you can assign all of them to string value
if you have any item in that not string, you need convert to string.

HI @nien_shan_thai

1.if your body is variable you can remove the double quote after the body

2.if it is not a variable before “body” you can add the double quotes it will work

Hi sorry, do you mean to type the phone number instead of set variable ‘number’?


No. My intent is to modify scope of the number variable as the following image.


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Hi yes, my ‘walink’ is String. May I know how to assign ‘number’ to string? I have tried add a write line ‘number.ToString’ and change to ‘waweburl+countrycode+(number).tostring+“&text=”+body’ but still cannot work.

Can you share .xaml file ( code file)
I will edit detail for you
I think have differ item is not correct

Hi, thanks. I am able to add the ‘number’ inand without the red exclamation mark. However, it still not work as the workflow set.

Hi, please refer to the attachment.
Send msg via WhatsApp.xaml (18.3 KB)

Hi, thanks for your guidance. I think the error is because of the ‘number’ instead of ‘body’ because the red exclamation mark shows after i add in ‘number’.


This error shows there are some elements which matches your selector.


For now, can you try to modify selector and/or set SingleWindow in Window attach mode property?


Hi @nien_shan_thai ,
I see your file, but have a problem
I don’t have a csv file or text file, but I guess it will have many lines, right? So why does getting the link only take 1 line, it won’t understand, so to assign to the other list row, you have to leave it’s in the for loop, right?
Send msg via WhatsApp.xaml (21.1 KB)
you can see it

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 , for the csv file which fill in sender’s phone number, it just have one row. The text file is the body that wish to send to the person. Yes, i will need the loop. It appears this when i do the test run.
Send message via WhatsApp - (129.2 KB)

It can work now, just got some extra things need to solve since it always send to the last person in the list only, thank you for your assistance~

Send message via (9.3 KB)
You can see here,
It can set multiple row
if outside loop
it get only last item
I edited it, you can check, ask me if have any error

Hi, many thanks for your advice. It appears error when I do the test run, not sure if i set something not correctly.

Furthermore, I noticed for the ‘body’ to send, it just will pick up the 1st word in the text file. Is it will be better if i include the body in word in the workflow?

Hi @nien_shan_thai ,
Is this link correct?
I think we dont need word, you can write to wor, text or excel… etc, because it will return String value
in here I think your logic with this process is not really good, we can use only screen with only link, send to multi people, we can use loop inside website, each loop, we send to a person. how are you think about that?


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Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 ,
I think it works now, many thanks for your guidance, really appreciate.

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Cheer @nien_shan_thai ,
happy automation!