Recording excel+ message box

Hi guys, i am trying copy one data of excel through recording and assign to variable string for show in message box, but i have error compilation.

any idea of why? or what should i do?

i’m attentive to your comment.

PD:i’m Rookie and i want learn this :slight_smile:

Can you attach your workflow/screenshots to help us understand the issue more?

Rammohan B.

this is my error, probably is basic, but i can’t compile :frowning:

Can you attach a screenshot for the ‘Content’ property with values? It seems to be throwing an error.

Rammohan B.

well i imagine what this can useful thank you for you patience

Is ‘numbreVehiculo’ a variable in your workflow.?

“el numbre del vehiculo es:” is a string and you cannot use “=” operator with a variable within MessageBox? May i know what you are trying to achieve within the messagebox. Are you trying to assign that string to that variable?

Rammohan B.

oh, thank you, im stupid, im not see “=” and i changed for “+” and compile jejeje

i m trying give the one data excel and save in a variable, then show in message box.

im rookie and i want learn this IDE for my job and i really interested in this.

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