Recompile the code with the new uipath version

Hi all,

I’ve code originally written with uipath studio version 21.4.4, now I have studio version 21.10.5 and I need to recompile the code.

I have already updated all dependencies to the new version (mail activities, system, etc.), tested the code again and it seems to be working.

For the studio version, is it enough to simply change “studio version” in the json? Or is there more to do to recompile it correctly?



Yes we change the version number in project.json file.

So nothing else? change the studio version in the json and update the dependencies to make it compliant with the latest version?

I contextualize, I need support on the project and version 21.4.4 is out of support.

Thanks in advance


I thought like just you want to change the UiPath studio version. So i suggested above method.

If you want to execute the developed code in the latest version with the updated package version first check the release notes about the new studio changes and plan accordingly. If you see any of the activities missed post update then you need to drop the fresh activity again and indicate it.

Note: Please take code backup before doing code upgradation.

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after backing up we have already upgraded all the packages to those of the new version and the code is now working, I was wondering if there was anything else to be done but at this point if you can confirm I should be fine.

Thanks in advance


To be very simple just open the project in new studio and project dependencies will get updated accordingly in terms of studio version

If any package needs to upgraded then studio itself shows an option to repair the dependencies
So package dependencies also gets rectified

This is when you have studio and if you can open the project with studio

Say you don’t have studio then just mention the versions of

  • Studio
  • Packages
    In project Json file and try running it should be picking the details of the versions from ther

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @andreus91