Recommended architecture for 5 robots with 15 processes

We are making plans to grow our setup with more unattended robots and more processes.

Many new features have come lately, like Modern Folders and floating robot.
Currently I have experience with High density robots.

What would be recommended architecture setup today with this example:
- 1 tenant, 5 unattended robots, 15 processes, most flexible usage

Questions like:

  • Should we build virtual desktop infrastructure, for the unattended robots to run on
  • Should we build virtual windows servers with RDP and high density config for the unattended robots.
  • Is there any guides/best practice to follow, also on the setup/management from Orchestrator
  • Is there any samples on this that can be shared

Thanks in advance for any feedback :slight_smile:

  • If you use an orchestrator license, you definitely need a container, such as a windows server

  • Technically, it’s possible to have Orchestrator, SQL Server, Robot in one server

Studio, elasticsearch in different servers

But if you take as best practice, those should be in different servers while doing for production and maintaining COE

You need to know if you maintain in one server, If the server goes down, then entire service is down, to avoid that you should maintain in different servers

Thanks for reply @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah,
Not sure if I understand you correct, but I am more looking for simple way/best practice on how to set up the infrastructure for robot VM’s for 5 unattended robots - how would this best be done?