Recognize Postpone transaction item


Tomorrow I will reach the statement of my project, where I have to use Postpone transaction item activity. It will be my first time to use this activity. I need advice is it possible somehow when one item is used again thanks to Postpone transaction item to be recognized from the studio?

For example if transaction item Invoice Document number first time is not posted, I must retry to post it after 3 days. I will put my variable into Postpone field to retry after 3 days. When these 3 days expire this transaction item from the queue will be processed again, but the workflow must be different when the transaction items is taken for a second time thanks to Postpone Transaction Item.

Because the path when one document is opened, but not posted is different. She is processed and must search for this invoice in other menu.

I want to say this:

I think you can use the date information.
Is there any hint at invoice number? like date information and so on…

They are only number, but the problem is that I’m not sure if I use from orchestrator to compare isNull DueDate is it going to work?
Because when I manually(I can edit the queue item from orchestrator) put due date for this transaction item for the next queue item, when I take it’s showing me empty field for due date(deadline).

But when I filter for example specific queue items which I know they have Due Date(Deadline) and loop them with Log Message I notice that every single item have due date.

Because this will be the most easiest way just to check isNull Deadline from orchestrator. If it’s null it’s first time taken, if it’s not null it’s second time taken because it’s postponed transaction.

You can Try to assign a string variable with queueItem.ProcessingException.ToString in a try catch statement. If it tries to pull the last recorded exception for that item and it’s not there it will error out and continue to the catch block. If it is there it will move past the catch block on to the finally block. This only works if you’re only trying to retry once. You could use a boolean and set it to true in the catch block if an exception occurs while you try to assign that string variable with the last processing exception, or if it does continue, put whatever other work you need right after the assigned string variable, such as setting the boolean to false if it does find the last exception.