Reboot VDI from orchestrator


I have process that sometimes encounters an error on a VDI machine. For the proces to work again, i need to reboot the VDI. I figured out how to reboot the VDI within the robot proces coding, but when i do, the proces fails in orchestrator, because it looses the connection to the VDI.

Is there some way to make Orchestrator wait for the VDI to reboot and then continue without me having to start the job again?


You might consider to feed the Orchestrator Queue with the critical process activity output (dispatcher robot).
When the UiPath Robot (performer) awake after VDI restart it will see there is a job to be done, and will execute it.

Restarting the VDI might be possible with the Windows shutdown timer.

Hey hermawan and thanks for your reply.

Where do i find the critical process activity?

Thanks alot

I mean you need to localize the process which might encounters the error.
This can be a long loop, or a long time process needs to be completed.