Reading XML with "child" nodes (?)

I have an inside node in my XML and I’m not sure how to handle it.

<PolicyCategory>cat one</PolicyCategory>
<CancelationRequestDate>date one</CancelationRequestDate>
<CancelationContent>con one</CancelationContent>
<PolicyCategory>cat two</PolicyCategory>
<CancelationRequestDate>date two</CancelationRequestDate>
<CancelationContent>con two</CancelationContent>

This section is sometimes repetitive - meaning it can show up to 5 times inside the XML. Might as well show only once. (I mean the parts between to )
How do you read this part in order to get all the values even though they have the same tag name?
How do I read it when sometimes I’ve got only one node and sometime 5 of them?
Hope my question makes sense :slight_smile: thanx!

Maybe you can share the entire XML
On general we do retrieve the Policy elements with e.g.
then within an for each loop we do retrieve the elements under policiy e.g. with Elements()

test.XML (1.4 KB)

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