Reading XML file using Deserialize XML activity


I am having issues reading this specific XML file when using the Deserialize XML activity.


I am fine with reading the other XML file which I have found in the UiPath guides.


Can anyone please assist and help me understand why ?

What is the difference between the two XML files and how can i fix this issue ?


Hi @KMkarthikshankar,

How you are trying to do that? It is working fine for me and I’m able to get the nodes inside.
Here are the screenshots :


Steps are :

  1. Deserialize XML and save in a variable let’s say XMLDoc
  2. Get XML Nodes and pass the XMLDoc variable and save in a variable as XMLNodes
  3. Iterate XMLNodes and you will get all the nodes inside

In For each activity items type should be array of string ?

No… change it xelement type @Kamesh

Hi Hareesh

I want to use the below xml and extract orderID and localBillerId use deserialize xml activity



Please post the XML, I will try and get back to you @Kamesh

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“” xmlns:ord=“http://com/comum/commercial/services/orderservice”>
<a:Security xmlns:a=“”>
<a:UsernameToken Type=“Index of /wss/” xmlns:wsp=“”>
<a:Password Type=“”>asdaf</a:Password>



The XML format is wrong above @Kamesh,

Please place it in a txt file and send it

It is not allowing the text file to upload @HareeshMR

Just drag and drop will work @Kamesh

The formating is missing when you paste the text

Can you try again pasting the XML here @Kamesh?

Or upload the file using another browser :slight_smile:

Hey @Kamesh

you can Zip that file and then can share here :slight_smile:

UiPath MVP-2018
Connect (525 Bytes)

Sorry for the delay @Kamesh

here is the workflow :slight_smile:

NewXML.xaml (9.8 KB)

That is just a for each loop @Kamesh

Try repairing all the packages so that you will get all them once

Are you using it in the same workflow @Kamesh? Or it is different? If it is in the same, we don’t need to use that type.

That is because you haven’t selected the type of ienumerable. select required type in the drop down displayed at the top of the page

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worked thanks Hareesh !!!