Reading XBRL documents

I am trying to read the xml document in the XBRL format.
I tried using the XML package, but unfortunately, it does not work as it is.
Does anyone have any experience fetching data from XBRL, my last resort is string manipulation.
Below is a snippet of data:
<xbrli:context id=“duration_only”>
<xbrli:identifier scheme=“”>12345689</xbrli:identifier>

I need to get the context id, start date and end date.


we cannot see all XML (use </> button for posting) but it is necessaire to handle XML Namespaces. For this have a look here:

Thank you for clarifying that Peter.
Based on the solution you gave , I have tried the deserializing and fetching elements with the name “startDate” etc.
But unfortunately the response I get is an empty string.
When I try the element as “xbrli:startDate”, I get an error.
This is XBRL, where the file extension is .xml, but the structure is not the same as XML



will not work as : is not allowed. Thats why we are using the namespace info additonal.

Namespaces are to use / at least to check

In case of you need further help please share with us the XML file along a description on what is to extract. Thanks

Hi Peter,

Sorry but I am getting errors / getting stuck by using the above mentioned solution.
Please find attached the XBRL document
offentliggorelse (3).xml (63.0 KB)
I have to extract the context id and date combination
Thank you so much for your help.

It was processable similar as described above for handling namespaces




Find starter help here:
XBRL_Demo1.xaml (9.6 KB)

Thank you so much

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